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Fontana Concrete

Fontana Concrete Inc. specializes in concrete restoration, repair, rehabilitation, protection, waterproofing, coatings and forming for industrial, commercial and residential structures. Built on experience and expertise, we have provided specialty contracting covering all Southern Ontario. We use only the most skilled professionals, finest materials and innovative techniques. We are proud of our ability to identify high value solutions to our client’s needs and look forward to providing the same value to your company.

Why Choose Fontana Concrete Inc.?

Our superior technical experience and commitment to innovation urges us to recognize valued engineering strategies where changes in detailing may be effective from both a quality and economic aspect. A properly maintained concrete structure should provide a lifetime of beneficial service. Partial or full depth removal of damaged or deteriorating concrete can restore the structure to long term service life. Furthermore, we work closely with design specialists and the largest specialty restoration product manufacturers to provide cutting-edge solutions to diverse challenges.


Greater Toronto Area experts in all things concrete. We specialize in concrete repair and restoration, concrete leveling, concrete sealing, and foundation repairs.